2009 October 10

Hello everyone! This is Irea. :) Mitsukai asked me to take care of this place as she would no longer be able to update it, so here I am. Sorry it took me a while, but real life has kept me busy for the last ten months. m(_ _)m I intend to bring this place back into full fledge, replacing the dead links and uploading any livestages that might still be missing. I'll deal with the known problems and requests as soon as possible. ^^v

For today, I re-uploaded:
2006.08.06 livestage, in which Inoo and Arioka performed Shelter, J.J.Express Shounen no Mama and Ya-Ya-yah Ho! Summer

Known Problems + Requests

Just a quick post to note down any problems and requests that were reported through email. This is so I remember and so you know that your email wasn't lost and I got it. Also, if the problem seemed to have been temporary (ie. MediaFire link wasn't working), try to download the file again otherwise comment here stating that it's still not working.

Known Problems

♪ 2003.12.21
♪ 2004.06.13
♪ 2005.05.01


Concerning the Site

Hey there, Mitsukai here! It's been quite awhile since I last updated Singin' For You. To be honest, I seem to have lost the motivation I once had when I started this site. Updates became less and less, and before I knew it I had neglected the site for more than a year! I really didn't want to see Singin' For You collect any more dust than it already had, so I asked the wonderful Irea (owner of Ya-Ya-yah Obse-shoon and one amazing contributor) if she wouldn't mind taking over. She kindly accepted, which means from now on she will be the one running this show. I am incredibly grateful to have such a loyal fan take over, and I am sure she will do this site even more good than she already has.

Please treat her with the utmost respect, as I'm sure you all will. Also, continue to support the members as it's the least we can do for all the entertainment they've given us these past years. Thank you again and again and again for visiting Singin' For You!

Until next time,